Bugle necklace

Black bugle and flat beads with seed beads

Length:  24cm approx.
Price: S$10/-

Sea Water Bracelets

Beads with brown pearls

Length: 18cm approx.
Price: S$12/-

Colorful Pearl & Crystal bracelet

Flat pearl with Swarovski crystals

Length: 18.5 cm approx.
Price: S$15/-

Amethyst Swarovski bracelet

Made of Amethyst and White Swarovski crystals

Length: 20cm approx.
Price: S$15/-

Brown-Black bracelet

Light Brown and Oval Black bead bracelet

Length: 18.5cm approx.
Price: S$10/-

Blue Stoned Bracelet

Blue stoned bracelets

Length: 21.5cm approx.
Price: S$6/-